Hope's Homestead

What is Hope's homestead?

Our homesteading program consists of a group class (ages 10 to 18) under the guidance of a consistent leader; they will meet local experts who will teach skills such as livestock care, sewing, gardening, baking, campfire cooking, and more!

Homestead Care Skills


Get a feel for the experience

Each 2-hour class will consist of a team-building activity, an hour for learning a new skill, and space to pray for one another before they go home. In small groups of 6 students, we will foster comradery in a Christ-centered environment of love and encouragement.


Session Schedule

The class will be held on Wednesdays from 4-6 p.m. in three 7-week rounds that mirror the Mentoring Program schedule.

Session sets for the season are as follows:

How much does this class cost?

The recommended donation for this class is $70/student to cover the materials we will use.


how do is sign up?

Please fill out a student application form found below.